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ANZ Tennis Orange Ball Match Play

ANZ Tennis Hot Shots Orange Ball Match Play is a program designed to give kids who are already playing tennis, the opportunity to transition from learning the game to playing matches in a fun team environment.


Competition Information

  • Tennis 1 to Tennis Level 4 (Eligible)
  • Commences – 15th of July 2023 (8 Weeks)
  • Saturdays 08:00am – 09:00am or 09:00am – 10:00am
  • Cost $120 ($15 per week)

Competition Format :

  • 2 Players per court
  • Participants will play timed 10 minute singles matches
  • Players rotate opponents to play everyone
  • Doubles partners will be decided pending singles results

Participants will learn the following :

  • Understand how to play tennis matches including scoring and positioning on court
  • Develop social skills which will be beneficial outside of sport
  • Understand the values of sportsmanship and what it means to be part of a team

Rules of Play

  • To begin, players “paper – scissors – rock” and the winner chooses to serve or receive.
  • Before serving, the server must ask “Are you ready?” and wait for an answer. If the question hasn’t been asked OR if there was no answer, please, replay the point.
  • Serve: first serve must be overarm (cross-court inside the service box); second serve can be either overarm or drop-bounce-hit (cross-court inside the service box)
  • If there is a “Let”on the first serve (the ball touches the net and lands inside the correct service box) – first serve again; “Let” on the second serve – second serve again
  • Receiver must allow the ball to bounce once before returning the serve
  • Players alternate serves each game
  • At the end of every odd numbered game, the players need to change end (opportunity to have a quick drink)
  • Matches are timed (10 minutes) and scored with the traditional tennis scoring (15-30-40-GAME) first to 4 games. If the match finishes before the time, players can have a practice hit or rest.
  • At “Deuce” (40-40) – sudden death – meaning that the winner of the next point ins the game
  • If the score is 3 games all, then the tiebreak should be played (first two 5 points, sudden death at 4 points all). During the tiebreak, players to alternate serves every 2 points
  • The server is to call the score before every point. If the player is having troubles, the supervising parent can assist
  • Players are encouraged to make their own line calls, but the supervising parent can correct the call, if it was obviously incorrect.
  • During the game, players are encouraged to support each other and acknowledge good points by saying things like “Great shot!”, “Good try!”, “You’re doing great!”, etc.
  • After each match, players are to take their hats off and shake hands/tap racquets with their opponents, as a sign of respect.

Doubles rules:

  • Players alternate serves each point clockwise – one serve each.
  • Communication is the key! Parents are to encourage the players to communicate with each other and say “mine” and “yours”.
  • Players are encouraged to support their doubles partners, as it should be a team effort.
  • After the match, players are to take their hats off and shake hands with their opponents AND doubles partners.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the GCA Pro Shop on 5576 2522.