Mon Doubles Comp


Division 1 Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6 Total
1. Nate & Mitch 15 1v3 1v4 2v1 3v1 4v1 15
2. Ben & Pete 10 2v4 2v3 2v1 4v2 3v2 10
3. Hamish & Aileen 3v4 1v3 2v3 4v3 3v1 3v2
4. Rod & Aiden 3v4 2v4 1v4 4v3 4v2 4v1


Division 2 Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Total
1. Karissa & Anthony 1v2 1v3 1v4 2v1 3v1
2. Cameron & Peter 1v2 2v4 2v3 2v1 4v2
3. Dan & Josh 3v4 1v3 2v3 4v3 3v1
4. Kyle & Blake 3v4 2v4 1v4 4v3 4v2


Grab a partner and sign up for GCA Tennis’ new Monday Night UTR Doubles Competition! Challenge other teams in this weekly fixtures competition where all matches played will count towards a doubles team’s Universal Tennis Rating! UTR is used by players of all skill levels to provide greater access and opportunity to play matches with opponents of the same tennis ability.

Format : Best two out of three sets, third set is a Super Tiebreaker. One match will be played every week in a round robin competition.Players receive 15 points for a win, 13 points for a loss in 3 sets and 10 points for a loss in 2 sets. Super tie-break rules: last person to receive serve at the end of the second set (player 1) serves the first point of the tie-break to the forehand side. The opponent (player 2) then has two serves starting on the backhand side. Player 1 then serves twice again starting from the backhand side and the process repeats itself. Players change ends once points total 6 (e.g. 4 -2, 5 – 1). The winner is the player who reaches 10 points first. After 9 points all, however, there must be a 2 point difference (e.g. 11 – 9, 17 – 15)

Cost: $13 per person/ per week

Non Attendance Match policy– Failure to attend the match will result in 0 points. If a member of the doubles team is unable to make attend it is their responsibility to find a suitable replacement.

Results: All results are submitted to this page by the following morning and submitted through the Universal Tennis Rating website. If there are incorrect or missing results from the page, please contact the Pro Shop.

Line Calls: Players call the line calls. The rules of calling are: ‘your end, your call; other end, opponents call.’ If there is clear evidence of inaccurate calling, the Pro Shop should be notified immediately. This is the practice that exists at tournaments where a referee is called to the court straight away.


Washout: In the event of rain washout, all matches will be postponed to the following Monday. Players will be informed of this by text at least half an hour before their match start times. Please ensure that your mobile contact details are up to date for this reason.

Commitment: All players must commit to the 9 week season and invoices must be paid in full prior to the first match. If a player pulls out during the competition, a refund will not be issued (credits can be issued in certain circumstances).

To register your interest please do so below.