Gym & Fitness backup

GCA Tennis Gym & Fitness Centre

GCA Tennis is proud to now offer its Gold and Platinum Members access to its fully equipped gym.

Personal Training Equipment Includes:

  • Rowing Machine
  • Treadmill
  • Cross Trainer
  • Upright Cycler
  • Multi-functional Cable Machine (incorporating Smith machine, chin-up and lat pull down bars)
  • Squat and Bench Press Combination Rack
  • Free Weights including Olympic Bar, Dumbbells and Kettle bells
  • Medicine Balls, Foam Rollers and Stretching mats

The following options are available to GCA Tennis Gym Members:

  1. Basic gym induction after which the gym may be used unsupervised
  2. One on one personal training sessions (for general fitness, weight management, toning and body building)
  3. Fitness Assessments
  4. Fitness Programs, tailored to the individual, reassessed and modified as required
  5. Tennis specific strength and Conditioning Sessions for individuals and small groups

Prices range from $50.00 (gym induction) to $80.00 (one on one personal training).

Please contact the GCA Pro Shop on 5576 2522 for more information.

GCA Tennis memberships have a package that includes the use of our state of the Gym for strength training, cardio and flexibility training.

Our Gym Memberships are pro-rata so if you sign up halfway into the year you receive additional discounts on the annual premium. This is by far one of the most cost effective Gym memberships on the Gold Coast.

At GCA Gym & Fitness, we can help you focus on –

  • Bodybuilding and Toning
  • Weight Management
  • Core Conditioning and Postural Correction
  • Strength and Plyometrics for Sports (particularly tennis) Performance
  • Long Distance Running Race Preparation
  • Advanced Sports Nutrition

Please contact the GCA Pro Shop on 5576 2522 for more information.