MAPEI – Sports Systems Technology

GCA Tennis are proud to welcome MAPEI as our Tournament Sponsor.

Founded in Milan in 1937, Mapei is today the world leader in the production of adhesives and chemical products for the building industry. MAPEI has implemented a internationalisation strategy in the 1960’s and this has enabled them to be closer to the needs of regional markets and reduce transport costs to a minimum. The Group now has 87 subsidiaries with 81 production facilities in 35 different countries. MAPEI has always placed a lot of emphasis on research. In fact, they have channeled 5% of annual turnover into Research & Development and 70% of our research work is aimed at the development of eco-sustainable and eco-compatible products.

Mapei’s values can be experienced at first hand and are represented in their daily mission:to play a key role in improving the quality of people’s lives by creating increasingly sustainable chemical products for the construction industry. Values they wish to share with the market, our clients, our suppliers and all those people and organisations we collaborate with.