Tennis Racquet Restring

Tennis Racquet Restrings Gold Coast

GCA Tennis Pro Shop provides high quality Tennis Racquet Restring Gold Coast by qualified professionals. Our Tennis racquet restring services offer a large range of top quality Tennis strings such as Wilson & Babolat Tennis strings.

Talk to our Club Professionals on the right restring for you. Tennis restringing is a complex and fundamental part of any club players game. that will not only enhance your Tennis game, but also assist you in avoiding injury such as Tennis elbow or Golfers elbow.

GCA Tennis can provide fully Poly setup, Full Gut or Synthetic Hybrid Strings setup. String Tensions, String Type and String Gauge (Thickness) are very important as part of your Tennis Racket setup. Talk to the GCA Tennis professionals on what the best setup for you.

Tennis Restring Prices and Options Include:

  • Synthetic Gut/Hybrid String – Price $40
  • Poly Restring – Price $55-60 (Brand options)
  • BYO String – Price $20
  • Wilson Sensation,
  • Wilson Spin, Wilson NXT
  • Babolat RPM Rough / RPM Blast
  • Luxilon Big Banger
  • Luxilon Alu Power



GCA Tennis also offers a great range of Tennis Rackets, Tennis Accessories and various Tennis products in our GCA Pro Shop and via our Online Tennis Store.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the GCA Pro Shop on 5576 2522.

All Tennis Racquet Restrings are done by our GCA Tennis Professionals