Summer Season 2021/2022 of  Saturday Afternoon Fixtures

Start: 9th of October 2021


GCA Teams:

GCA Gladiators (Pennant 2):    Heath Breen          Jeremy Hefford            Neil Dennehy

GCA Titans (Pennant 4):    Julius Zammit-Ross       Jack Whitford              Noah Inglis

GCA Aces (Pennant 4):            Cooper Douglas           Ojas Parulkar               Oliver Szogi

GCA Kings (Pennant 5):            Josh Johnson       Cian Butron-McLean       Riley Tawse

GCA Giants (Section 3):          Rei Watanabe                  Ricky Yu                  Ethan McDonnel

GCA Eagles (Green Ball 3):    Ava O’Kearney           Will O’Kearney            Summer Kirby


Teams are represented by three players, where one player is going to play for two weeks and then have a week off. Each week there will be a doubles match and a singles match.

Players can see a roster for Summer Season 2021/2022 by clicking on attached file below:

SAF Roster Summer 2021-2022

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