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GCA Tennis Fixtures Gold Coast

Summer Season 2022-23 of  Saturday Afternoon Fixtures

Start: 8th of October 2022

GCA Teams:

GCA Peanuts (Pennant 1):    Ko Urayama          Connor Denny            Kakeru Adachi (fill-in)

GCA Geckos (Pennant 1):    Charlie Mulligan          Max Arnold            Antoni Luo

GCA Gladiators (Pennant 2):    Leoma Lee              Heath Breen              Xander Nelson-Leicht              Justin Wyvil

GCA Clowns (Pennant 2):    Kris Bailey          Nai’A Coyle            Mateo Azirovic            Luka Azirovic

GCA Aces (Pennant 4):            Ojas Parulkar           Oliver Szogi

GCA Gems (Section 1):            Payten Grattan             Keira Perks             Jack Gray              Zara Asgill

GCA Titans (Section 2):          Rafael Younan              Sam Hackland              Ryan Tierney              Beau Tierney

GCA Scorpions (Green Ball 3):          Cleo Bates              Byron Bates              India Bates

Teams are represented by up to four players, where all players can participate Each week there will be a doubles match and two singles matches.

Players can see a roster for Summer Season 2022/23 below.

Summer Season 2022-23 Draw –

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GCA Tennis Fixtures Gold Coast
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