GCA Tennis is proud to partner with UTR (Universal Tennis Rating), the world’s most accurate and reliable tennis skill index. UTR is used by players of all skill levels to provide greater access and opportunity to play matches with opponents of the same tennis ability.

To get started and find out more information on upcoming UTR events and results follow the link below. If you have any further questions regarding UTR please feel free to contact us.





UTR Saturday Morning Fixtures

Welcome to the first ever weekly UTR Saturday Morning Fixtures!

We will be running our friendly competition during the first 8 weeks of Term 1 2021.


– Round robin (1 match every week)

– 2 sets (first to 6 games, TB at 6 all) + a super TB (first to 10 points)

– Divisions 3 & 4 (10am) – short deuce

– Divisions 1 & 2 (11am) – long deuce

This event is suitable for all juniors who would love to have some matchplay experience